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Featured Member of the Legislative Branch for Prayer

Jim Langevin, U.S. Representative for Rhode Island

James R. Langevin was born in April 1964 in Providence, Rhode Island. He earned an undergraduate degree from Rhode Island College, and a Masters of Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

At age 16, he was seriously injured in an accidental shooting, leaving him paralyzed.

Langevin served as a member of the Rhode Island Assembly for six years. He was elected Secretary of State in Rhode Island, where he earned a reputation for weeding out corruption in state government. He has been a member of the U.S. House of Representatives since January 2001.

Langevin is unmarried. He is Catholic.


“There is much still to learn about the Equifax breach and its ramifications; what is abundantly clear, however, is that consumers are still not sure whether they were affected and what information was stolen,” Rhode Island Representative Jim Langevin said as he announced introduction of the Personal Data Notification and Protection Act. “Equifax has done a terrible job communicating about the breach to date, and this legislation will ensure that any future such breach has a single standard: one federal regulator to help get actionable information on consumers quickly.”

State laws cover the citizen whose data was breached; for example, a Californian whose data was stolen from an Alabama server is protected by the California law. Langevin’s bill will make all states abide by the same standard, giving companies 30 days to notify all victims of a breach and requiring companies to coordinate notifications with the Federal Trade Commission.